He Tried to Eat my Mouth

His name is Clay, he brought me bad memories of one of my old coaches. We had decided to hang out but he wasn’t into the dating thing, he didn’t like to go out to the movies or go grab dinner. I decided that it was okay and maybe I needed someone like that anyways.

The first time we hung out I went to his college dorm room because he was doing summer school there, it was a little weird because there were so many guys living together and they were all so messy. I didm;t think he was ugly, no one is really ugly, but I really couldn’t see his face fully to make sure he was my type because it was so dark outside and when we went into his room it was also very dark.

All he wanted to do was lay in his bed watching Hawaii 5-O, which is a good show much I  am much more of a movie person. He had asked me to give him a back massage and I did because I am actually pretty good at those and I didn’t mind giving it to him. It wasn’t until an hour in that I had started to feel uncomfortable, he had barely said a word to me. When he did talk it was constantly rude, he would put me down and act like I was stupid or make a comment about how women were below him in some sort of way. Then, every time I tried to talk to him and tried to get to know him better he would shush me because of his TV show, that I didn’t even crd to watch.

He kept saying he was joking and messing with me but it was pretty annoying to say the least. It was almost two a.m. when I left there and he didn’t want me to leave. He wanted me to stay the night with him, but honestly I was too uncomfortable to stay. Also lets just touch on the fact that I still lived with my parents and needed to respect the fact that they didn’t want me out till the next day.

When I had hung out with him for the second time, things weren’t much different at all. Same place, same show, same attitude. The only thing that was different was that he had actually tried to kiss me this time. I say tried because he only got to do it once and I wouldn’t let him try again.

He asked if he could kiss me the first time and I had said yes. So he did, but he completely missed my lips and kissed around my entire mouth. I mean his mouth was open and my lips were inside his mouth. And I instantly thought it was gross and didn’t want to do it again. It also didn’t help that I was figuring out I wasn’t too interested in him, in fact I was not interested at all. When he asked if he could kiss me again I said no and got out of there as fast as I could without being rude.


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