The Night I got Stood up

It has been awhile since I had really talked or done anything with a guy. I was too focused on graduating high school and trying to have my own kind of fun with my friends. But I did finally put myself back out there, I met a guy named Nick. We started talking and seemed to get along great, he was more on the party side than what I was used to but I thought I would give it a try because he was cute.

We kept telling each other we were going to hang out and kept talking about what we would do when we hung out but we never actually did. One day we had talked about this movie the both of us wanted to see and decided we would go together and set it all up. I should have known what was going to happen because he stopped responding about an hour before the movie. Hoping for the best I still drove to the theater and waited to see if he would show up. He didn’t.

I ended up driving around to a Dutch Bros coffee, because well I was already out of the house and I wanted to stay out for some time. Nick ended up texting me saying he was so sorry, he smoked too much and slept through his alarm he set, could he make it up to me? I told him I was getting coffee and the stand happened to be close to his house. He drove over and we sat in my car for hours…

We did not have sex, we did not even kiss. All we did was look through the sunroof at the stars and I had decided he wasn’t the guy for me.

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