Roommate Rant

Living with other people is hard, especially when there is six girls all in one area. For me I really really hate it, I do not really get along with other girls. It isn’t like I am a bitch and they just don’t like me, it’s that with girls comes drama and I hate drama. I grew up hanging with the guys, whenever I hung out with the girls they didn’t like me because I am too blunt and don’t beat around the bush. I was the girl every girl shit talked.

No matter how old you get there is still drama, but in college its sorority drama. Now since I am not in a sorority they have declared me not good enough to know what or who they are talking about. Which honestly that is completely okay because I do not really care very much. But when they tell you that you should rush but then smack you down saying you can’t make “top”, then should you really rush if they don’t think you will even make it?

Also girls are so fucking loud! They talk loud, they bang shit around in the morning, their laughs are basically screams. Granted I know I can be loud to but thats normally only when I am drunk, so what is their excuse? Even when you are trying to study they have no respect and come in yelling and give no fucks that you are trying to pass your class because you don’t cheat on every single test like they do.

Just today while studying my roommate decided she was going to study to, and we all study in the living area because it is a bigger space and you can spread out. While I was actually studying she was on her phone yelling about how HOT the guy she is talking to is (he isn’t that attractive but she isn’t either). Then she decides to start a conversation with my other roommates about paint their nails and what color would look good for formal. After that she moved to talking about how she needs a date to formal because no one has asked her (maybe because she is one of the rudest humans ever). Oh and then she decides she needs to unload the dish washer making as much notice as she possibly can…

If you say you need to study shouldn’t you study or at least be respectful of the person studying right next to you? No, I guess not.

But then after I had been study for twenty minutes I decided to take a five minute break. I decided to go through the pictures on my computer deciding it was time to delete pictures of my ex or old nudes that are saved on it. While doing so I was making small comments on certain pictures I liked or had forgotten that I took them. She turns to me and goes “Can you shut up, you’re actually being really distracting” but when I was studying it was okay to be an annoying little bitch.?

If someone could please explain girls to me I would love it because I hate living with them and will never decide to room with other girls again because a lot of you girls are slobs.

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